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Brighton, New York

I am impressed with Dr. Stein's innate ability to focus in on a student's strengths and weaknesses and develop a tutoring program tailored to meet that student's needs.

Ever since I started learning with Dr. Stein, I feel like I'm, for the first time ever, actually understanding the material.

Outstanding teaching abilities. My math knowledge has only grown higher since she started tutoring me.

Dr. Stein is a wonderful teacher. I feel that no matter how difficult the subject, she always makes sure I know it in the end. Thank you.

Dr. Stein, my tutor, has helped me through two maths, algebra and geometry, and now chemistry. She has been the best tutor I’ve ever had. I’m not very bright in mathematics, but with her help, I’ve passed all my Regents. Thanks.

Dr. Stein is by far the best tutor that I have had and without her, I probably wouldn’t have a chance at passing the algebra Regents.

A wonderful tutor, dedicated and caring, who knows the material and teaches it wonderfully, from biology to algebra, geometry, or chemistry. Whatever it may be, Dr. Stein is the best by far!

Who we are

Frank ‘N Stein and Son, LLC, is a privately-owned academic tutoring company. In addition to offering standardized test preparation (SAT/ACT/TEAS/TASC/GED), we offer tutoring in Regents math (both CommonCore and traditional pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2/trigonometry), pre-calculus, calculus, AP Calculus, Regents science (biology, chemistry, and physics), AP Physics B, and English for grades 6 through adult. A number of our students are adults who are seeking to improve their writing skills or prepare for standardized testing as part of a career change (such as preparing for the TEAS test for nursing school). We also provide reading, writing, and conversational skills for ESL students and assistance in writing and editing college application essays.

Our Philosophy

Because we are a small, privately-owned company, we are not bound to follow a corporate academic program. All of our tutoring is one-on-one, and every lesson is tailored to the needs of the individual student. Our business philosophy is to treat every student as if he or she were our only student.